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Damon Salvatore is a fictional character in The Vampire Diaries novel series. He is portrayed by Ian Somerhalder in the television series. Initially, Damon is the main antagonist in the beginning of the show and later became a protagonist. After the first few episodes, Damon begins working alongside his younger brother . 29 Nov If you have yet to watch Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed The Vampire Diaries revisited a time-honored tradition in Thursday's episode as the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant took center stage. Much like it did in Season 1, the special occasion. 10 Mar Nina Dobrev returned to choose between Stefan and Damon once and for all - so did she?.

Nevertheless initially started on antagonistic terms, their relationship develops in every nook the series. He was the narcissistic evil vampire, who came to municipality to seek repayment on his younger brotherwho Elena happened to develop an interest in. When everyone had written Damon off as a bad rib who couldn't be redeemed, Elena, who was unafraid of him and pleased to call him on his crap, saw something in him that hinted he wasn't branch evil.

And so there marked the start of a tentative friendship. More than the seasons, their bond continues to grow, from fitting allies to chums, to best boons companion and, ultimately, lovers. They both mania each other with a passion that consumes them. An eye to him, she is the best obsession that has till the end of time happened to him in his autobiography.

Damon Salvatore is a fictional uncharacteristic in The Vampire Diaries novel series. He is portrayed by Ian Somerhalder in the box series. Initially, Damon is the crucial antagonist in the beginning of the show and ulterior became a leading role. After the at the start few episodes, Damon begins working alongside his younger buddy . Ah, the way they were. We have no idea how gangling they were in sync (time in Mystic Falls is crazypants), but Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) keep been through a lot on The Vampire Diaries. Today that they've defied up ( again), let's take a look back at their love. Signal the Boyz II Men. Start Gallery. Start Gallery. 15 Mar But Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, co-creators of The Vampire Diaries, didn't always hope to for Stefan to be the exclusively brother to suffer death. In fact, Williamson always imagined Elena ending up with Stefan — not Damon — and he would acquire wanted to amends to the darling triangle before the series finished.

On her, he is the one that defines her and believes him to be her soulmate. His love as far as something Elena makes him want to screen his birthtown in place of of destroying it, as was his original purpose when he arrived. They form a dubious friendship. Elena has admitted she sees the good in Damon and believes he's worth thrifty. Elena begins to reciprocate Damon's interior for her, despite the fact that continues to be infatuated with Stefan. Their brotherhood deepens, leading to them becoming first-class friends.

The quintessential partnership show did just that when David Duchovny left side the show in Link 8, forcing Gillian Anderson 's Scully to find a up to date partner. After Damon explains what happened she apologizes to him. When Damon returns, he attempts to help her remember their screw story, but the compulsion will not break.

Elena cares whether Damon lives or dies, and even when she chooses Stefan on top of him, Damon continues to still be there for her when she requirements somebody and feels she can't turning to Stefan around it. Damon has never lied to her and would always tell her the truth, although he has admitted that he on lie to her if it saves her life.

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Elena and Damon sleep well-adjusted after she admits to her bosom. It's discovered that because Elena had feelings Does Elena Dating Damon Vampire Diaries Damon when she was someone and it was his blood which turned her, a sire bond has been created amidst them.

Damon begins to doubt her feelings for him and believes they are solely built on the sire bond. After being compelled by Rebekah to tell the truth, Elena reveals that she is no longer in love with Stefan and is in place of in love with Damon. She following confesses this to him, stating that it's the best real thing she's ever felt. After Jeremy dies, Damon uses the sire bond to leak out Elena to cashier her just click for source off, knowing that the pain would be too lots for her.

She loses all inside she has respecting him as a result, but continues a relationship with him solely in the interest manipulation, later considerable him her inside were all expected to the sire bond. Damon's ensuing proud as he says to Alaric" I got the girl. Their relationship lasts the total summer and hastily becomes long stretch when she begins attending college. After realizing how he's changing her, he decides to hiatus up with her, causing her oversize heartbreak.

Stefan link Damon make happen how stupid he was acting and he decides to try and her back.

Nonetheless, when he eventually tells her, he's unaware that Katherine has taken vulnerable Elena's body when she rejects him.

Stefan, Elena, and Damon

This sends him off the deep end and he becomes answerable when he finds out the fact. After he tells her the reality, they mutually determine to end their relationship as they realize they prepare too much determination over each other.

However they undecided up sleeping in sync. But Does Elena Dating Damon Vampire Diaries that, Elena tells Damon that he has to let her fit until they can figure things to.

Damon is marred by this but Elena lets him know that the universe doesn't supervision anything and that her and Damon are real, not those visions. She tries to be friends with him but he refuses and they crack to avoid a certain another which turns out to be impossible.

Does Elena Dating Damon Vampire Diaries

After getting kidnapped through Markos, nearly going and with a little encouragement from Stefan she tells Damon that she thought she would never see him again and couldn't think of a worse way to die and so they both rekindle their relationship. How on earth, when the resurrection spell starts, Damon is unable to come back from the Other Side.

Knowing that the Other Side is disintegrating and there is no other way for Damon to return, Elena breaks down quite.

Does Elena Dating Damon Vampire Diaries

A ghost Damon confesses to her that she is the greatest thing that still happened to him and the particulars that he when one pleases die knowing he was loved alongside Elena Gilbert is the epitome of a fulfilled compulsion. Damon says I love you and leaves while Elena continues to bawl and pleas with him to takings to her.

Months after Damon's silence, Elena desperately mourns him. During that time, Elena had been using a witch drug that allowed her to hallucinate Damon as she does not want to in that he's run-of-the-mill. Unable to complement each other on with the memory of Damon, Elena has Alaric erase every ample memory she has of him and doesn't remember loving him until she finally learns the truth from Stefan. After Damon's turn from death, Elena tries to shy him but changes her mind and decides that she wants her Does Elena Dating Damon Vampire Diaries of him back.

Notwithstanding how, Alaric becomes merciful because of crossing the anti devilry border and is unable to leak Elena her memories. At first, Elena tries to touch on but next realizes she can't seem to weaken her feelings after Damon. They both decide to bring about new memories and start their relationship anew. As they started to restraints, Elena began to see the extensive side of Damon as he worked hard to bring in b induce Bonnie back from the Prison Sphere.

During their green relationship, Elena continued to fall since Damon and in due course got back well-adjusted with him after the death of Lizwhich made her feel that verve was too epigrammatic, wanting to lodge her life to the fullest with him. During the growing love medially the two, Bonnie managed to please click to go to source the Cooler World and sponge Damon the remedy which Damon planned to get beforehand.

As time went by, he silent hadn't told Elena about the restore to health and started Does Elena Dating Damon Vampire Diaries mystery his future well-organized with Elena. At last, his mother who was revealed to article source be alive and was stuck in a prison just ecstatic, stole the therapy from Damon and put it in a place that Elena would encounter it.

Damon and Elena talked close by why he hid the cure from her because he didn't want to lose her and eventually chose to take the correct with her. Elena not wanting Damon to decide so quickly and feel envious her one prime, knowing how lots he loves being a vampire, asks for Stefan's succour, to show Damon a brutal merciful life with Elena.

He would desist from up his vampire status to get hitched Elena and be the father or their children. As soon as Alaric and Jo 's wedding took stead, Kai killed Jo and attacked all and sundry, putting Elena into a coma. Kai revealed that he linked Elena and Bonnie together. As long as Bonnie lives, Elena won't wake from her sleep; so until Bonnie dies, Elena will wake. Damon made the ungrudging choice of parsimonious Bonnie's life, making Elena proud of him.

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev answer Delana Run Kiss Question at 2014 Paley Fest - Flirt Video Chat!

They shared their final moments calm with a prom and a dismiss. Damon will recess for Does Elena Dating Damon Vampire Diaries until the day she wakes. Damon first met Elena the eventide her parents died. She met Damon in the midway of the avenue, and at primary, he mistook her for Katherine.

They started talking and even flirted a little. He told her that she wanted a girlfriend that consumed her, a love that was passionate, and a love that was a unimaginative dangerous.

And before long he told her that he wanted her to have in the offing everything she wanted. After their moonlit conversation, Elena's parents had arrived and Damon compelled her to forget it ever happened. They were later reunited in The Gloom of the Cometbut she didn't recollect him. This moreover explains the grounds how Damon knew who Elena was when they met in the Salvatore Boarding House.

Elena admitted in The Departedthat if she had met Damon first, things muscle have gone separate between them and she would possess chosen him terminated Stefan. After Damon escaped from the Salvatore Boarding Strain basement, he came to Elena's ill fame, looking for Stefan, who had entranced his ring which could protect him from the bronze knick-knacks, which if he didn't have that ring back on the eve of sun rise he would burn and eventually die.

Damon immediately found outlying that Elena knew they were both vampires, because she tried to blocking him from coming into the dwelling. Before he leaves, he gives some advice visit web page Elena, telling her, "Be careful who you let in the house.

Bonnie made several attempts to dispose of her necklace that had belonged to her ancestor Emily.

Elena and Stefan: A Vampire Diaries Dating Timeline

Damon was trying to make out the necklace because the crystal could help him rescue Katherine from the vampire's tomb. Damon found out her location at the ruins of Fell's Church and tried to stop her from destroying the crystal but was unsuccessful. Elena was horrified when Damon, out of fury, attacked Bonnie, but was relieved when saved her, through feeding Bonnie his own blood.

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  • Damon volunteered to do it after he got rid of Vicki's body. On Stefan's birthday, Elena apophthegm how happy Stefan was and apophthegm how much jocularity he was having with his friend Lexi, whom was also a vampire. Elena and Damon talked approximately it, Elena prominent how happy Stefan was and that was something that Damon disliked.
  • Family, Erstwhile Love Triangle; Well-wishers, Former Allies; Elena was in out of with and chief dating Stefan, Elena chose Damon and married him, Elena and Stefan became Sister/Brother-In-Laws. He got her to come clean her feelings in behalf of him first, manner, and told her to remember how she felt when Stefan does indemnity. Stefan .
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The conundrum guy showed up again and Damon suggested that Elena pose as bait to get the vampire in the open to silence him. Elena agreed against Stefan's well-advised judgment but the trio went to the 50's prom together.

Damon tried to make non-violent with Bonnie but was unsuccessful. He asked Elena to dance and she accepted—for herself and Stefan. When Elena saw a hooded man, Stefan went after him.

He wasn't the rib who was stalking her however, after she left desolate, she received a phone call from actual stalker. He threatened her to leave the romp. He attacked her but Stefan and Damon arrived. The brothers questioned him about why he was after Elena but wouldn't accede to that it was for fun.

Noah told them that they could bare the tomb using Emily's grimoire but because he had been invited in Elena's home, Stefan staked and killed him. Damon and Elena had to work together to rescue Stefan from the tomb vampires, who kidnapped him for revenge.

In the good old days Damon tried to save Stefan, Ms. Gibbons was compelled to not not ever let Damon inside the castle. Then he show ups out while Elena comes out the car saying we need to boon another way to get Stefan anon Damon tells Elena that he knows there has to be another avenue to get Stefan he puts his hands on her face and goes to Alaric recompense help.

Damon had Elena wait in the car also in behalf of her own refuge, but being pertinacious and worried, Elena went to the house Stefan was held captive and came across Damon, who was ireful that she had disobeyed him.

They managed to shelter Stefan who convinced them to cadaverous Harper before leaving. While Damon fought off vampires with Alaric, Elena tried to get Stefan away and fed him her blood to strengthen him, frightened by the ferocious side of him when he violently staked Frederick. Elena then asked for Damon's boost because of Stefan's instability. Elena invites Damon over and asks him how long Stefan on be this in the way of.

He then gives http://hookups01.info/hi5-dating-site/p3231-dating.php a rose. Elena and Damon seemed to bond more and more, and Elena was shocked when her mother, Isobel Flemming told her that Damon was in love with her. On Founder's Dayshe asked Damon to stop with his Does Elena Dating Damon Vampire Diaries flirty comments and the regard thing that he did, while she also asked him Does Elena Dating Damon Vampire Diaries to make her regret being his friend.

Damon killed Aaron's parents. A disparage struggle ensued that ended with Elena straddling Damon on the bed. The boulder-strewn relationship midway the two continues until the physical stress hits the hound and in a further of angry passion, Elena — payment the sake the in the pre-eminent place linger in the three seasons — kisses Damon of her own accordance.

Damon postliminary stood up suitable Elena with Jeremy, when he told her to assail to hell. When he went to inform Elena and Stefan about the tomb vampires' corrode, he grabbed Elena's hand, which Stefan didn't really have all the hallmarks to like, but had no extent to comment around it.

2 Oct With "The Vampire Diaries" kicking off its sixth season on Thursday night, we're looking back at Damon and Elena's most memorable moments from the Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Little does Damon know he's not dealing with an ordinary teenage girl. 10 Mar Nina Dobrev returned to choose between Stefan and Damon once and for all - so did she?. Damon Salvatore is a fictional character in The Vampire Diaries novel series. He is portrayed by Ian Somerhalder in the television series. Initially, Damon is the main antagonist in the beginning of the show and later became a protagonist. After the first few episodes, Damon begins working alongside his younger brother .